Lines and Squiggles

One of the aspects of photography I appreciate so much is how photos appear right before us. They seem to beg the photographer to take their best side.

Shot this photo this afternoon when my wife and I went to have lunch with a dear couple. Parking the car, I saw this view. The lines of the benches and the squiggles in the railing caught my attention. I’m developing the habit of keeping my camera with me, so inspiration wasn’t going to leave me.

The photo came out better that I hoped. With the emphasis being on the lines and squiggles, it seemed best to go monochrome. Wanted to make it easier for the viewer to see the geometric shapes relate with one another. Color obscures the appreciation of shapes. Read where Elliott Erwitt once said, “Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.”

Erwitt’s quote sound about right, don’t you think?



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