My top photos for 2016


Lists of all sorts dominate the year’s end. This is a good chance to review my favorite photos from 2016. It’s been a productive year, and one where my photographic skills grew and developed. The passion for photography, and for making the best image possible, rekindled within me.

The one thing I learned is that many of the photos I liked the best were “whim” photos. An opportunity to snap a picture appeared, and I had a camera with me.

Though this is a list of my 10 favorite photos of 2016, they aren’t in order. Too hard to choose, so I have them alphabetical by title.


  1. Antioch Baptist Church – Visited the folks in far western Kentucky in April. One day I went to La Center to take pictures. It’s a town with a lot of character. Growing up, and whenever I was in the area, I remember seeing this sign. Love the contrast in the photo.


  1. Ballard County Co-op in La Center, Kentucky – Old buildings have character, especially when they are weathered. How could I pass on it? Besides, it was behind me when I shot the Antioch Baptist Church photo.


  1. Christmas Angel – This is a whim shot. I had finished decorating the house for Christmas a couple of days earlier. Sitting on the front stoop, the light from the Angel caught my eye. Being too lazy to get my tripod, I used a trick I once learned from a Nikon professional. When shooting in low light without a tripod, put the camera on fast shooting speed and take three or four photos with one shutter release. If there’s any camera shake, it will appear in the photo where you pressed the shutter release and when you released. The middle photos should be fine because if you hold still.


  1. D. Baker Upholstering in Conway, New Hampshire – One of these days this building is going to roll over on itself. It’s across the street from the Conway Public Library in New Hampshire. What’s not to love in this photo? Texture, contrast, whimsy.


  1. Holy Trinity Catholic Church – This photograph is proof that it pays to be ready. Not only did I have my camera with me that night, but the tripod was in the back of the car.


  1. Red and Windows – The downtown area of Paducah, Kentucky, is full of old buildings with character. This is above the old Finkel’s Department Store. Love the textured and faded red paint. A local told me the paint on this nearly 100-year-old building is original.


  1. Tree on Matthew Hill – Sometimes when I come home from work I pass this tree near the Manassas Battlefield National Park. Sort of reminds me of the children’s game “One of These Things is not Like the Other.” Again, the contrast and simplicity drew me.


  1. Waterfall Woods lichen – One day I decided to go for a walk in the woods near my house. There was trail, but I had never taken it. Thought I where it came out. Unfortunately, I came out on a local road more than two miles from my house.


  1. Waterford, Virginia, red – This was on the side of a barn in the village of Waterford. Love the simple colors, contrast and texture.


  1. White Lake in Tamworth, New Hampshire – Shot this photo during the summer vacation to New Hampshire. It exudes the peacefulness and solitude of the Mount Washington Valley.

Keeping the list to 10 was hard because it would have kept out the 11th because of the alphabet.


  1. @4410 – Another whim photograph. This is on the side of a local music store. This light on the sign caught my attention while my wife was inside taking her piano lesson.

Here are my 11 favorite photos. Wait, a 12th photo started out this blog. It’s of a Paducah Beauty School. Hope you enjoyed them. Which is your favorite?


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