Monochrome or Color


Sometimes the decision on whether or not to make a photograph monochrome or keep it in color is easy. Then there times when it’s hard. These two photos of the same arch is a good example.

I shot is Aug. 27, 2011, in Old Town Alexandria. It’s a former church that now houses the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center at 618 Prince Street.

I originally converted it into black-and-white. The starkness of the structure and texture of the bricks seemed best suited  in that format. There is quite a contrast between the lights and the dark. It seemed a perfect fit.

Then today, I looked at an untouched version of the same photo. The subtle colors of the weathered bricks are marvelous. Maybe this photo should be in color.

2011-08-27_Alexandria Arch_DSC_0029-1_Color.jpg

The light-colored impost of the arch still grabs my eyes. Now, the colors of the bricks come out and truly add to the beauty of the photograph.

I love both versions. If hard-pressed to choose one I’d go with the monochrome. Black-and-white photographs always capture my attention. On the other hand, the world is in color that always adds to the world’s beauty.

Which do you prefer?

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